Dragica Vidakovic – Collingwood artist Dragica Vidakovic creates timeless vignettes that trigger memories and emotions

“Drawing is all about capturing the moment, the gesture and getting into the soul,” says Dragica Vidakovic of her work, which brings together illustrative, design and sculptural elements to tell a story. Vidakovic first studied illustration at Sheridan College before pursuing her arts studies at OCAD in printmaking, silk screening and fabric design. Since returning to painting in 2013, her work has been juried into group shows in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington and Collingwood and exhibited in solo shows throughout Ontario.

“My work focuses on celebrating people – who they are, what they do – no matter what the challenges may be, and most importantly, with respect,” says Vidakovic. “Whether on construction sites, farming fields, in bars and restaurants or in artists’ studios, I am always fascinated by how the individuals work, what muscles they use, the tools they choose and what makes them tick. Often, the work they do is unnoticed, yet it will sooner or later touch our lives.”

Vidakovic is currently showing her work at Collingwood’s Tremont Studios. Her website is www.dragicav.com.

“I sometimes challenge myself to let loose, let the brush create the curved lines and the somewhat distorted imagery, let the person be almost obliterated or abstracted,” she says. “There is a certain freedom to that. But I could not start without that human element, the person being the point of reference in all my work.” ❧

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