What is an advertorial?

The term “advertorial” refers to an advertisement that is written and presented to resemble a news story or feature article. In other words, it is written content that is “purchased” by an advertiser, either directly or in the form of an ad placed elsewhere in the magazine.

Does On The Bay accept advertorial content?

On The Bay does not include advertorial content in the magazine, because advertising and editorial serve very different functions and On The Bay does not want to deceive its readers by publishing advertising that looks like editorial.

Why must advertorial content be labelled as “Advertising”?

Readers have a right to know when they are reading advertorial content because self-serving information generated or purchased by an advertiser does not carry the same objectivity and credibility in the reader’s mind as legitimate editorial content. Blurring the lines between editorial and advertising only serves to cheapen the magazine in the mind of its readers, ultimately decreasing the value of both the ads and the editorial pages.

Does On The Bay trade editorial for advertising? (or vice versa)

Absolutely not. Placing an ad in On The Bay does not influence whether or not an advertiser is mentioned in a story in On The Bay, nor is an advertiser who is featured or used as a source in a story expected or coerced to place an ad in the magazine. Advertising and editorial are handled as separate departments which do not directly influence each other. This is essential to preserving editorial autonomy, integrity and credibility.

Can I write an article for On The Bay?

On The Bay uses only professional, published writers. If your work has never been published in a credible newspaper or magazine, you will likely not be considered as an On The Bay contributor. However, if you have an area of expertise on a particular topic, On The Bay may consider you as a “source” for a story on that topic, to be researched and written by an On The Bay contributor as assigned by the editor. In the case where a professional writer also happens to be an advertiser, that writer may not submit material that is blatantly self-serving or otherwise creates a perception of conflict of interest.

How can I suggest a story idea or offer my expertise as a source to On The Bay?

Please direct all inquiries or suggestions relating to editorial content to the Editor, Janet Lees, at (705) 444-9192 ext. 25 or e-mail: janet.lees@me.com. Janet will consider your suggestion and, in consultation with the Publisher, Jeffrey Shearer, will decide whether it is compatible with On The Bay’s editorial policy and fits within the current editorial plan, which is set three to six months in advance.
Click here for a full explanation of On The Bay‘s Editorial Policy

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