Achieving Excellence: The Editorial Difference at On The Bay

On The Bay has earned the respect of its readers as the credible and authoritative voice for Southern Georgian Bay by applying the highest standards of editorial excellence. Our readers trust us to give them accurate, balanced and objective information, and as a result, we have gained their confidence and their loyalty (the most common comment we receive from our readers is, “I read On The Bay from cover to cover”).

Trust and loyalty is earned, through the integrity of a magazine’s editorial policy and the professionalism of its editorial team. On The Bay’s Editor, Janet Lees, brings 20 years of professional experience as a newspaper and magazine writer and editor to bear in ensuring that On The Bay maintains editorial standards and practices that are above reproach. As a result, On The Bay uses only professional writers, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers to create the editorial pages of the magazine.

On The Bay believes in “the separation between church and state”; in other words, the separation between editorial and advertising content. Canada’s leading magazine industry association, Magazines Canada (formerly the Canadian Magazine Publishers’ Association) requires that member magazines maintain a clear separation and distinction between editorial content and advertising, while ensuring that advertising does not dictate editorial content.

“Magazine readers value both editorial content and advertising as sources of information,” the guidelines state. “The integrity and long-term viability of magazines depends on a clear distinction between editorial and advertising, or both lose credibility. Eventually, so, too, will the magazine.”

We at On The Bay Magazine adhere strongly to these principles, and we will continue to bring our readers credible, professionally written editorial content that is not confused with or influenced by advertising in any way.

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